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Smile with confidence with Invisalign

What Are Invisalign Braces? 

Welcome to the future of orthodontics! Invisalign braces are a revolutionary step forward from traditional metal braces. These virtually invisible aligners are custom-made using cutting-edge 3D imaging technology. Clear and comfortable, Invisalign offers a seamless solution for teeth straightening without the discomfort and noticeable appearance of metal braces. With over two decades of innovation and millions of white, straight smiles globally, Invisalign braces bring a new era of confidence and convenience to orthodontics.

In the course of Invisalign treatment, most patients will wear between 18 and 36 sets of aligners. Each of these numbered aligners is slightly different, meaning your dentition will be gradually adjusted over the course of your treatment, which can last between 6 and 24 months.

Paired with our iTero Intraoral 3D scanning, Invisalign will provide you with comfortable, discreet appliances.

The Benefits 

Invisalign braces combine aesthetics, comfort, and a personalised treatment experience. They’re nearly invisible, allowing you to smile proudly throughout your journey to perfect teeth. Removable at your convenience, they won’t hinder you from enjoying your favourite foods and maintaining your oral hygiene couldn’t be easier. 

Invisalign braces are designed with comfort in mind, eliminating the irritation caused by wires and brackets in traditional braces. Each aligner is custom-made to fit your teeth, serving everyone from teenagers seeking a radiant smile to adults desiring discreet orthodontic care.

The Process of Getting Invisalign Braces

Your journey towards a picture-perfect smile with Invisalign braces at Campbell begins with an initial consultation. Our experienced orthodontists will create a customised treatment plan based on your teeth alignment and desired outcome. 

We then use 3D imaging technology (iTero) to create a series of aligners, each designed to move your teeth step by step towards the planned position. iTero allows us to take a precise high-resolution 3D scan of your teeth, bringing dental impressions into the 21st century. You can even receive a copy of your plan, including impressions and the results, via email! On average, you’ll switch to a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks. 

The end result? A luminous smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Cost and Financing Options for Invisalign Braces 

We believe everyone deserves the smile they’ve always dreamed of, and the cost should never be a barrier. While the cost of Invisalign treatment varies depending on individual cases, it is generally comparable to traditional braces. At Campbell, we offer flexible financing options and payment plans tailored to your budget. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in understanding and maximising your dental insurance benefits.

Contact Us/Book a Consultation 

Ready to start your journey towards a confident, radiant smile with Invisalign braces? We invite you to schedule a consultation at our Peterborough clinic. Contact us via phone or email or use our online appointment scheduling form. At Campbell, your dream smile is closer than you think!

Common Questions and Concerns 

We understand you may have questions about Invisalign braces. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ section, where we tackle everything from comfort levels to the impact on daily life and offer tips for any minor issues you may encounter. At Campbell, we’re always here to help you navigate your journey to a perfect smile.

The Campbell Advantage 

At Campbell, we’re more than just orthodontists – we’re your partners in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. With our wealth of expertise, advanced technology, and personalised care, we strive to provide the best Invisalign treatment experience in Peterborough. Our flexible appointment times and inviting office atmosphere to ensure that every visit is comfortable and convenient.