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Private Orthodontics – Kettering

At Campbell Huber, we provide independent orthodontist treatment for patients near Kettering. Our private dental care allows people who don’t meet the NHS criteria to achieve orthodontic treatments still. We have tailored, exclusive course for patients who require independent braces and dental procedures. If your child cannot receive braces funded by the NHS, then we offer competitive solutions to ensure they still receive the treatments they need and want. If your child is under 18 years of age, we have tailored orthodontic options to make sure they achieve braces or retainers. Our independent treatment package includes an appointment with one of our specialist for a consultation.

Private orthodontic treatment.

In this consultation, you can discuss what you’re looking for, and we can provide you with advice and the next best possible steps. We will answer any concerns and questions you may have throughout the process, ensuring excellent communication throughout our service. Our private orthodontists for under 18’s offers attentive care and an easy procedure for you and your child. Everyone’s financial obligations are different; therefore, we offer competitive priced independent orthodontic treatments near Kettering. We even provide removable retainers to meet bespoke requirements that you may have. With Invisalign, fixed retainers and MTM no trace braces available, we can accommodate all needs for independent treatment.

We have several methods of payment for your private orthodontic treatment. Fixed braces are available for additional prices; however, we can discuss a 12-month payment plan or an 11-month payment plan for your child’s braces. We can accommodate your needs to ensure that your child gets the independent dental care they require. Everyone deserves the perfect smile and confidence; that’s why Campbell Huber will always help where they can. If you’re searching for private orthodontists near Kettering or the surrounding areas, we can provide you with a near orthodontist with 9-5 appointments.

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