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Lingual Braces – Oundle

Lingual Braces

Campbell Orthodontics is your trusted specialist in orthodontics, offering lingual braces for clients in Oundle. Our experts guarantee the utmost professional service, from your initial consultation and throughout the process. We fit custom-made braces behind the surface of your teeth, hiding them from view. Our lingual braces align your teeth from the inside, helping you regain confidence with your smile. Made-to-fit lingual braces will help create your perfect smile, all while doing so discreetly.

Lingual brace orthodontists near Oundle

This treatment takes up to two years to complete, however, you will start to notice improvements within the first few months. Our invisible braces are attached behind your teeth, so you can have the confidence smile even during the shifting process. Lingual braces are a worthy investment; they help people improve their confidence and lifestyle. If you’ve always preferred the idea of a hidden brace, our lingual brace option is ideal for you.

Our orthodontists will fit your brace to the contours of your teeth, hiding the brackets so they won’t be visible. The consultation will talk you through the process and what you can expect from the start, up until your final appointment. We guarantee a welcoming service throughout the procedure, keeping you in good hands so we leave you to rest assured after every visit.

Lingual braces can help you achieve the smile you’ve needed to get your confidence back, aligning your teeth so they’re perfectly straight. Our braces can fix all of your teeth or just the front, however, you will begin to see good results quite early on in the process.

If you are searching for a lingual brace fitting near Oundle, then Campbell is here to help. To come in and speak with one of our professionals, you may arrange a consultation via: or speak to our team:

t: 01733 847792