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Lingual Braces – Bourne

Campbell Orthodontics is your reputable specialist for lingual brace fitting near Bourne. Our orthodontists are vetted, guaranteeing a professional consultation and process from the first initial fitting until the final appointment. The braces we fit are custom-made to fit onto the inside (lingual) surface of your teeth. Our ‘invisible braces’ work to align your teeth discreetly. Campbell Huber Orthodontics will help you to achieve the perfect smile with help from our made-to-fit lingual braces.

Lingual brace fitting near Bourne

The treatment can take up to two years; however, you will notice improvements within a few months. As our hidden braces are fitted behind your teeth, you can have the confidence to smile as your teeth begin to straighten. Attaching to the unique contours of your teeth, lingual braces are a worthwhile investment. A lingual brace will allow you to create your confident smile with help from an unnoticeable, fitted brace. We are reaching out to the people in Bourne who would love to have the confidence to smile freely again, however, would much prefer an ‘invisible’ brace to help get them there.

Our specialists are friendly, helping you to understand the process of our lingual braces in the consultation so that you can rest assured. Investing in braces is an important step, that is why at Campbell, we will ensure that you receive complete guidance. Our orthodontist will explain more about the lingual braces and how they work to help you regain confidence with your smile. However, we also offer lingual braces for patients who are concerned about their front teeth, helping align the front six teeth.

If you are looking for an orthodontist near Bourne and would like to come and speak with a specialist, we are more than happy to help.

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Lingual Braces