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Invisalign – Kettering

Campbell Orthodontics offers Invisalign braces in Kettering and the surrounding areas. Our ‘invisible’ braces help clients achieve their desired, straight smile without the need for a fixed brace. The clear retainer brace shapes your teeth discreetly, with each brace shaped to the contours of your mouth. We can provide Kettering with a near orthodontist service, helping patients achieve confidence and undergo a discreet transformation. The brace trays mould comfortably onto your teeth and gums, making them hardly noticeable.

Invisalign orthodontics Kettering

Our Invisalign braces are more comfortable, and only you will notice the appliance, unlike traditional fixed braces. The clear trays are designed with smooth plastic, causing less irritation during the treatment process. Our Invisalign brace option is ideal for the people who would prefer a discreet way to attain a beautiful smile; they also eliminate the need for regular tightening. The ‘invisible trays’ are a viable treatment option, offering numerous benefits, including the opportunity to remove the brace when you eat and brush your teeth. Patients will receive between 16 to 36 sets of Invisalign braces during the procedure.

Invisalign consultation Kettering

We offer Invisalign braces in Kettering, offering an effortless way to achieve your confidence and have the perfect, white smile. The procedure can take around six months to a year, depending on the condition of the teeth. Campbell Orthotics, however, pair their Invisalign braces with iTero 3D scanning, allowing for a comfortable brace that fits perfectly to your gums and teeth.

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