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Fitted Braces – Brampton

Teeth with Braces

Fitted Braces treatment for patients near Brampton

Campbell Orthodontics offer fitted braces for patients in the Brampton area. Our specialists fit traditional braces for NHS and private patients over the age of 16. The fixed braces we offer are available in a range of colours to help you to find the aesthetic you’d like. Of, if you’d prefer, we offer ceramic braces too, which give the same results as our traditional metal braces. With this option, these almost transparent braces will blend seamlessly with your teeth, giving you a more natural look.

Our fixed braces help with straightening your teeth and overbite, with the process lasting from 1-2 years, depending on the individual’s case.
If you’re after an affordable solution to the perfect smile, our fixed aligners are for you. We understand that getting braces can be a nerve-wracking time. That’s why we ensure you’ll have a welcoming and friendly experience. Moreover, our expert orthodontists will guide you through the whole process. They’ll provide you with the care of your braces and give you additional information and advice.

Traditional and Transparent Braces consultation.

At Campbell Orthodontics, we are the top providers of fitted braces for people in Brampton and surrounding areas. We fit braces to the unique contours of your teeth. So you can expect a quick and comfortable application process. We guarantee a friendly and comfortable service from your first enquiry through to the removal. Our fitted braces move teeth fast and achieve results sooner than other methods. We provide fitted braces to both NHS and private patients over the age of 16, happily offering coloured and ceramic braces to suit your request.

If you’re in the Brampton area and would like to book a consultation or want more info, please get in touch. One of our friendly staff will be on hand to help you start your journey towards the perfect smile.

Fitted ceramic Braces